Independent Study for Spring 2018

I am taking the Independent Study for Spring 2018, my last semester in ETC, focusing on strengthening my programming skills, and keeping practice on solving technical interview questions, to make myself well-prepared for finding a job.

More specifically,  here are three main goals:

  • Get familiar with C++.
  • Consolidate technical interview knowledge, especially on data structures and algorithms.
  • Polish resume and portfolio, become more confidence for interviews.

And ultimately, find an ideal job.

My study will under the supervision of Dave, one of my favorite faculty in ETC. Dave is experienced in game development, and he is super smart, also very nice to talk with. He has referred me some books to study. I am really appreciated for his help.

I will write down some posts in this blog as summaries during my study. Hope everything goes well.

Good luck to myself, keep calm and carry on.


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